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Robin Zarel

Personal Description:

Personal Description:

“ It’s hard to believe that my 18th year from having a stage 3 ovarian cancer diagnosis is coming up on December 7th, 2011. I can still remember how scared I was hearing those words “It’s ovarian cancer”, thinking I had just received a death sentence. The whirlwind of doctor’s appointments, surgery, chemotherapy, assaults to my body and soul were scary and overwhelming. The range of emotions that I experienced from shock, sadness, anger, acceptance, back to sadness and anger was a continual process.

But I am living proof, that even when bad things happen to good people, you can get through it and even thrive! While I still wish I never had cancer, it is has given me the opportunity to recognize what I can and can’t control. I get over silly stuff a bit more quickly, and I have met wonderful, courageous women. As I approach my eighteenth anniversary with no recurrences, I recognize that I am one of the lucky ones who has beat this insidious disease. I am dedicated to educating women, and raising funds to support OCRF’s exciting new research programs to find a test for early detection and to find an ultimate cure. For those diagnosed or their loved ones, try to stay hopeful, accept all the different feelings you have, and know that there are places and people who can support you. And remember, there are organizations like The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund that are continuing the fight against this disease!

Robin Zarel, 18 year survivor, OCRF Board Member and Psychotherapist, Private Practice – Manhattan, Writer – Psychology Today blog- http:/www.psychologytoday.com/blog/mind-over-matter

Last updated on: 08/30/2011



I have just been diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer. Did you do anything different than surgery and chemo (protocol) to survive 15 years?

Barbara Cafferty – 01/03/2009

I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer had 2 surgeries 7 rounds of chemo from july of 2008|2009.what type of chemo drugs did you take.

Deby Webster – 01/18/2009

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Deby Webster – 02/24/2009

Your smile is as lovely as ever. Happy Sweet Sixteen. aldertree2gmailcom

Rich K – 12/16/2009

Thank you, Robin for sharing your story of hope. I put this page on my refrigerator shortly after I was diagnosed July 27th, 2009 and you have been a constant inspiration. I have received 6 rounds of neoadjuvant chemo, surgery in Dec.(stage III) and now have 4 remaining follow up chemo treatments. My CA125 is at 12 and I am extremely appreciative of the support of friends, family, my doctor, the PAs and chemo nurses and last but not least, survivors sharing their strength and positivity. Thank you all! Thank you, Robin Zarel!

Susan Lewis – 03/05/2010

Got it! Thkans a lot again for helping me out!

Tory Tory – 06/02/2011