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Rosa Cabanillas

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The Pink Rose Project helps to raise funds for research leading to the discovery of a diagnostic tool for Ovarian Cancer…a tool which would have saved the life of my dear first cousin, Rosa Cabanillas.

Personal Description:

The Pink Rose Project commemorates the life of Rosa Cabanillas, loving and dedicated mother, grandmother, friend and mentor to many through her years as a teacher. Her battle lasted 3 years; just enough time to see her first grandchild brought into the world and into her loving arms.Rosa was often compared to Sophia Loren for her catlike eyes and long neck but incomparable in every aspect of her life. She will always be in my heart.

Last updated on: 10/25/2008


Created the greatest airctels, you have.

Vicki Vicki – 01/24/2012

Thanks for the great info dog I owe you bigtgiy.

Ricky Ricky – 09/03/2012