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Rosa Fernandes

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Last updated on: 03/11/2011


Now I’m like, well duh! Truly thnaufkl for your help.

Reno Reno – 08/23/2011

Yay for the winner! Can’t wait to see the fiinhsed cookies! You’ve started me on a white bean kick too mmmm. That spicy bow tie pasta looks really good too.

Maikon Maikon – 07/28/2012

My Dear .So very proud of you. Went to school from Central Grade School and all thgruoh High School, until my leaving for Private.You were always adorable, sweet, kind and talented. You went thgruoh so darn much, experienced so much and apparently lived so much. From all of us, we say goodbye for now.

Renata Renata – 09/02/2012