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Roseann Livingston

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Personal Description:

My mom was diagnosed in November of 1998 and had her surgery in December of 1999, during her Chemo treatments she suffered a stroke and was never the same. I helped my dad take care of her till she passed. She was a outspoken, very political woman, she loved her grandchildren and loved life. Her cancer was so advanced that it has spread to her diaphragm and liver. I just wished they had caught this earlier, maybe she would be with us now. I miss ya MOM.

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Cheers pal. I do appercitae the writing.

Keyanna Keyanna – 07/13/2011

No quesotin this is the place to get this info, thanks y’all.

Buckie Buckie – 01/23/2012

That is impressive. I used to know a bloke from Newcastle games who trelavled to Kyiv and back by train and coach for a midweek Champions League game (he held the same view on flying as Dennis Bergkamp). I saw him at the Dynamo game on Wednesday night, he arrived back in Newcastle at 2pm on Saturday and went straight to the ground to watch a home game with Spurs. Bumped into him at an Ashington game this season (he’s from there, which explains a lot) and he was moaning about the lack of programmes at the previous evening’s Wolves vs Newcastle reserve game, held at Telford.

Kleto Kleto – 09/03/2012