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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Rosemarie Prettyman Coble

Personal Description:


To all the mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and best friends: Keep the faith! A cure will come. There are alot of people praying for you daily and working hard to support your cause.

Personal Description:

Rosemarie was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in July 1997. She was treated and was doing great. The cancer reappeared in her spleen in 2002, she was treated again. The last battle occurred in Sept 2008 when the cancer was found in her lungs. She went to be with my father on Sept 20, 2008. We feel so blessed to have had mom with us for an additional 11 years. She is survived by her 3 children, and 6 grandchildren, the last grandchild she didn’t get to meet here on earth. She lived life to the fullest. She enjoyed arts and crafts, line dancing and having fun with her friends and family. She will be greatly missed, but we know we will meet again in Heaven. We love you mom!

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