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Survivor Stories / Tributes

ruby boisvert

Personal Description:


this is a letter i wrote to my best friend 3 days before she passed away

i could not sleep last night, so i wrote you a letter

to my best friend

your life means so much to me, you have always been there from snakes to kids. you were the first person who involved me with there family. we started sking, remember when we went up the ski lift and you fell getting off and the guy did not stop it, so i had to hang onto the lift chair so i would not stab you and i went flying into the area with out snow and came to a dead haltand hit my head. you yelled out are you ok and i replyed i see the perley gates and there locked shut. you laughed like you always do.

i remember gram and tiny, and i remember you putting your family life on the back burner to take care of her till she passed away. im glad i meet her.

i rember meeting pru and the kids the one with the curles. and then she moved to fla.

the you brought cindy in from california, your money and love. then she payed you back by takeing him back.

and the there is uncle candy, the baby always in and out of trouble, candy got his name from gram she said he was so sweeet we will call him candy.

to grow up with out one parent is bad but to lose two is,
well i would never know.

but to make sure your kids had everything you worked 3 jobs. we will never know how are children will turn out. and try to accept how they do.

then you took care of candy and nver said a bad word about any one in your family. you have helped them all you are every ones guardian angle.

i stell rember when i was at your house when you walked in with a bag. i asked you what was in it and you said candy, so i thaught you had bought candy for the kids, then you said no my brother candy. we laughed.

you have always had to act like the big sister.

i rember when you told me the storie of henry the bird who would follow you to school, so you could not go out to reccess because henry would pull out your hair. you were always funny. my mom told me she never saw you without a smile on your face. i never noticed till now when i see pictures of you.

you were the first person to see nicholas, when i got to my room your were there and had watched the nurses give him a bath. you said they were rough with him. then you were mad because the florist sent a mickey mouse head with flowers.

there is so much in my head, i dont want to miss anything.
you and stephanie came to nicholas baby shower and got that kid everything he would ever want for.

i dont know when our friend ship started but i know it will never end.

i rember i use to laugh at your kitchen table it always had stuff on it. you said if a person comes over to see your house there not a friend. i use to laugh when the table was clean, cause we knew there waas cake comming. you would laught i rember you use to have me get a big cake so you would have enought for you to have all week, (frosting)

the first time i ever went to disney was with you, nicholas rembers evertime. even the time he would not take a bath all week , you said he was on vacation and was grubbing.

the best times of my life always inclued you. when i tought there was nothing that could make my life better you got hooked up with my dad. you are the half of a hole you filled in all the things he was missing in his life and brought us back together,

i quess this was the last task in your life all your fairy dust is gone. and there was none left for yourself. you are my guarden angle and were sent here for all to enjoy and we thank god for that. now it is time for you to rest. and enjoy all that there is.

i wil, i mean we all will miss you. but you will always be in our hearts and tears.

i called paul yesterday to tell him that now i will help your grandchildren the best i can, this is my pleasure t do so, because of all you have done for all of us.

there is so much more i could say and all woould be good.

i miss your light in my life, but you will burn forever in my heart.

love always lynn.

Personal Description:

ruby boisvert
49 years old
3 years of battleing
she went in for a histarectame
when they opened her up they closed her back up and said there was nothing they could due she was frozen.
was fired from her job
had to fight with the insurance all the time
$800.00 for a five day perscription of pain pills
no one would keep it in stock for her.
stopped eating on july 5th was being feed by a bag
gave into the pain on sept 20th
called in hospic
they keepet her pain free till the end.
state of fla. trying to get money from my father who she lived with in the end.
he is retired and on limited funds.
my father donates his time every year to a week long cancer
camp buy driving people around, taking pictures, making dvds for all the people.
her life ended september 25th 2008

Last updated on: 01/29/2009


Lynn … your letter says it all. I cry everytime I read it, Ruby was the best. I miss her so much. When things happen in my life I will say, I wish I could tell Ruby, I still cant believe she is gone. We miss her so. We can only hold on to the great memories we have now. She was a light and a joy I was proud to call my friend! I am so glad she had you Jim, and I know you were glad to have had her too.

Nancy Richardson – 01/31/2009

Lynn … I got to know Ruby better as the years passed . When she moved to Florida we would email one another with jokes etc. but mostly we would talk about our grandchildren . I miss our emails we shared and I miss her . In the words of my native american teachings , she has entered Skyworld , and our Creator is watching over her . She has taken the Spirit Journey . She will live in my memories .

Elaine Johnston – 01/31/2009

Ruby was a good friend to have and I miss her. Her birthday was the day after my son’s and she always emailed me to tell Eric Happy Birthday. She always asked how I was doing in school and cheered me on. When I first started driving bus people were shocked that we got along right off the bat. Those people did not understand how she would talk to me and not to them. Ruby was a good friend cause she saw people for who they were, she was not fooled by phony exteriors. Wherever you are Ruby, I hope you are at peace and are watching over us all. I am glad I was able to call you my friend. :)

Tracie Warren – 02/15/2009

At last, someone comes up with the “right” asnwer!

Seston Seston – 06/02/2011

Haha. I woke up down today. You?ve ceheerd me up!

Dorie Dorie – 06/02/2011

It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of snuishne.

Sherry Sherry – 07/14/2011