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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Sandie Bricker

Personal Description:


This one’s for the girls. All of them. The ones with ovarian cancer, the survivors, and the ones who need to know what to watch for.

Personal Description:

My life had been upside down for a long time, so it took me a while to realize how long it had been since I’d had a period. Then I blamed stress; later, I decided it was menopause. But when the bloating and fatigue set in, a normal check-up turned up what would be diagnosed as stage 1 uterine cancer. Once they went in, it was discovered that I also had stage 3 ovarian cancer. 3 surgeries and 5 weeks of radiation later … I’ve now been clean for five years. The nightmare is never really over … Not until there’s preventative measures and a cure. But I’m well aware of how blessed I am, and I want to give back in any way I can. This November, a devotional will be released called “BE STILL … And Let Your Nail Polish Dry,” and the other authors (Andrea Boeshaar, Loree Lough and Debby Mayne) have all agreed to donate a portion of the royalties to OCRF.

Last updated on: 04/06/2009


Sandie, your story should inspire women to pay attention to their bodies. I’m thankful you were able to catch your cancer in time to do something about it.

Debby Mayne – 04/06/2009

Sandie, you are truly a hero and someone to admire. Bless you for sharing your story in the hope you might spare another woman this frightening ordeal. God is good…and wise…for by saving you, He ensured the world would be a little better place, just because you’re in it.

Loree Lough – 04/06/2009

Sandie, as long-long-long-time friends (and fans of your work!), Kathy and I are enormously proud of not only your courage in fighting your own fight, but also the passion and commitment that you bring to “fighting the fight” in the name of other women who’ve been so devastated by their own diagnoses. You are an inspiration to them…and to us all!


Brian Patrick Clarke – 04/06/2009

You are a force to be reckoned with creatively. With that, you’ve managed to overcome your personal struggles with the strength of your faith and courage. Thanks for being an example of living… of winning.

Tom Merino – 04/06/2009

I am so glad to know you! You have truly survived more than this, this just happened to be one of the worse!
Thank you for being my friend.

Leslye Edison – 04/07/2009

Sandie, I watched you go through this horrible nightmare and I saw you dig up an inner strength that I don’t think you knew was there. When I feared you had nothing left, you kept on battling and I admire you so much for it. Since then, I have seen you embrace life with a new outlook and self-confidence. I hope other women will see you as an inspiration and know that they can take away something good from such an awful experience.

Jemelle Tola – 04/07/2009

Thank you so much for your story. It provides me with hope, as my sister is 41 years young and has just begun her journey of battling Stage III Ovarian cancer. Thank you for inspiring me.

Beth Shrader – 04/18/2009

Sandie, You are truly an inspiratiion. Love and blessings in Christ, tR

Terri Rhoden – 07/28/2009

Thank you Sandie! I am always looking for Empowered Women that survive this disease. I was diagnosed in Aug 2009 w/ Stage 3C and am fighting to win the battle. Your story provides me w/additional strength and determination.

Andrea Means-Montmarquet – 12/27/2009

At last! Someone with real epexirtse gives us the answer. Thanks!

Kasara Kasara – 01/23/2012

Keep on writing and cuhiggng away!

Bunny Bunny – 01/23/2012

Oh girl…no, it is no joke for sure. My daddy dies on July 1st and this July will be 3 years. Doesn’t get a lot easier, does it?Here are some HUGE hugs inmcog your way!!

Suresh Suresh – 03/29/2012