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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Sandra Frank

Personal Description:


My mother was diagnosed with Stage III Ovarian Cancer in October 25, 2010.

Personal Description:

She had been sick for months but could not figure out why. All the symptoms of ovarian cancer were symptoms for other problems also. She had surgery right away and found that the cancer had spread to other organs, but not in any of them besides female organs and appendix. She recovered well from surgery. And started chemotherapy the week after Christmas. She had chemo on Tuesday and was gone on Saturday. The doctors say she had a blood clot to either heart or lungs. My mother was 51 and I was only 19. My mother was my best friend and my whole world. She had the best attitude of any cancer patient I have ever known. She was ready to fight this disease, and I was going to be right beside her the whole way. My brother, dad and I are devastated as is my whole family. I would like to get Ovarian Cancer out there to the whole world, it is one of the most deadliest female cancers, because it is the silent killer. I would like to see just as much ovarian cancer things as breast cancer.

Last updated on: 07/12/2011


You story is so similar to mine! My mother was diagnosed with stage 3c at age 49. I was only 19 as well. She has been fighting the cancer for 1.5 years now, and is in good spirits. Our generation needs to spread the word not only because of what our mothers are going through, but also to help save those in our generation and others! I wish you and your family well!

Maggie Day – 07/13/2011

Your story is similar to my wife’s.All doctors should have a refresher course for ovarian cancer awareness. It is unthinkable that they do not rountinely do a CA-125. God bless us who have to live with docters failures.

Carson Wiggins – 07/19/2011

My wife was also diagnosed with stage IIIC Ovarian Cancer on Oct 4 2010. She was a fighter but within four months succumbed to the cancer. We have started a “not for profit foundation” to raise awareness on Ovarian Cancer. www.knowyourbody.info
Also see tribute on OCRF wall of hope.

Udaysi Solanki – 08/10/2011

Well put, sir, well put. I’ll ceratilny make note of that.

Sugar Sugar – 08/23/2011

You can go to the doctor’s oifcfe and they will give you a referral to get an ultrasound.Also it is very common in women who have ovarian cysts to have excessive facial hair, they also experience rapid and unexplained weight gain. It is a disorder called PCOS or Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome.References :

Ajay Ajay – 03/30/2012