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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Sandy Parker

Personal Description:


Our beloved Miss Sandy passed away on November 7th from her ongoing battle with Ovarian Cancer. She was friend, family, and mentor to so many people whose lives she touched in her 59 years of life as a wife, mom, friend, and amazing first grade teacher.

Personal Description:

Sandy Parker inspired so many to live a life of compassion and gratitude. She always had the right words to say to inspire those around her. She always lived her life in a very selfless manner always putting others before her and even in her darkest and most painful times, always making sure everyone around her was taken care of and happy before her and never admitting defeat. God blessed us all when he made Sandy. Her students, parents, staff, family, friends, church, no matter who ran across her in their lives for one moment or many years, she inspired us all to live our lives in a more “Sandylike” fashion. We are so blessed to have had Sandy in our lives. Definately a one of a kind classy lady.

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