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Sandy Richardson

Personal Description:


Sandra Joyce Richardson died peacefully in her home surrounded by family on September 21, 2010, after a two year battle against Ovarian Cancer.

Personal Description:

Sandy is my mom — “momma.” She is a wife, sister and friend. I use present tense because I know my mother will be watching over me, my brother, her husband, sister, brother and all those that she loved.

She couragiously fought to survive. She was selfless in her suffering; always wanting to know how everyone else was doing even though she spent the better part of the last nine months of her life bedridden.

Mom, like all others fighting this disease, prayed for a cure. Please donate and let’s stop another family from losing a loved one to this ugly disease.

With love, her family

Last updated on: 09/24/2010


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Posts like this brhitgen up my day. Thanks for taking the time.

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