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Survivor Stories / Tributes

shannon barker

Personal Description:


Survivor and mom to three beautiful girls who helped save my life.

Personal Description:

I was first diagnosed at age 29 when my twin daughters were 2 years old. During a c-section with my third daughter I had a recurrence. If I had not been having a c-section and had a wonderful, very cautious ob/gyn, they would have never found my recurrence until it was too late. I started chemo when my daughter was 5 weeks old and my twins were staring kindergarten. I am proud to say I was their homeroom mom and only missed on night of feedings with the baby during my chemotherapy. I am a survivor but first I am a mom who’s on a mission to protect her daughters from this terrible disease.

Last updated on: 08/23/2008


Your story is so similar to mine! (I’m an identical twin – which is eerily similar, too!) My doctors say no one knows if the estrogen levels during pregnancy caused my recurrence, though I would be interested to know if any of your doctors had insight there. So much unknown with this disease! You were braver than me to start with chemo so early after your baby was born. I’m interested to know how you are doing with all of this. Did you have a hysterectomy, too? Best of luck to you in your fight! God bless you and your beautiful girls!

Rhonda Secor – 01/04/2009

I have been very delinquent in responding to you, but sincerely hope that you are finding much health and rewarding happiness with your girls. It’s a crazy thing, this cancer ordeal. Every month I continue to get tested, and I’ve learned patience and humility from this disease. I hope you have found the positives in it too. Blessings to you!

Rhonda Secor – 06/18/2010

THX that’s a great anwesr!

Jonetta Jonetta – 06/02/2011

Superior thinking demnostaretd above. Thanks!

Malinda Malinda – 01/23/2012