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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Sharon Groves

Personal Description:


My sister Sharon was a vibrant amazing woman and she lived everyday of her life to the fullest! As she wrote in a letter to me, she wanted us all to remember to “laugh, laugh at all the fun I had in my life.” Also she wanted her niece, (my daughter),Krysta to remember, “the freedom I lived my life for (and) how important it is to follow your own dreams.” Sharon was not only my dear sister, but my best friend and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her in some way or another.
Sharon, you would be so proud of your niece Krysta! She is following in her Aunt’s footsteps and is becoming an amazing artist. All of your art supplies you left her await her creative discovery.
As for your other niece Rachel, even though she was very young you still affected her life and live in her heart. One evening there was a beautiful sky with gorgeous hues. She said: “That must be Aunt Sharon up in heaven painting those pretty clouds!”

You Go Girl!
Love, Rita

Personal Description:

Sharon (Stankiewicz) Groves of Collingswood, NJ died on February 10, 2005 after a long battle with ovarian cancer. Ms. Groves was a long-standing business owner of Patterns Hair Salon in Haddonfield, New Jersey and loved by many friends and clients.

Last updated on: 03/02/2009


Sharon – I miss you every day; I found out I am almost as strong as you…

Eileen – Danbury, CT

Eileen Danbury – 03/02/2009

my aunt sharron was an amazing woman….. she worked hard and played hard! she has tought me to live my life to the fullest and work hard to get what you want! i will always remember my visit out to philidalphia to see her. she always seemed to have a smile on her face no matter what and she faought to the very end!!!i love you aunt sharron!!
love dani – lakewood ohio

danielle glick – 03/02/2009

Missing you my sis, (as always), this Christmas season.

Rita Meredith – 12/26/2009

Sharon, I think of you often. I treaure our friendship and all of the great times we had together in High School. Your friend forever. Phyllis

Bauer Phyllis – 04/18/2010

So, here we are again. Another Thanksgiving without my best friend. An amazing cook–a passion we both shared. In your honor my dear sister and friend, I purchased a $150 bottle of wine. It better be freakin’ good vino! XXOO

Rita , Little Sis – 11/25/2010

Shoot, who would have tohuhgt that it was that easy?

Vyolet Vyolet – 07/13/2011

Shoot, who would have thugoht that it was that easy?

Makailee Makailee – 07/14/2011

many many thanks for your cntmeoms! I love reading them!one wedding post is coming up for Anneke Dave, guess who’s wedding 😉 Specially for Erik, I’ll post one of my favorite portrait session, instead of a boudoir :DLinda you are sooooo lovely! thanksSabrina beauty, for you I’ll post one of my most sensual boudoir sessions!Madiha my dear friend, you are sweet. <3 you

Andhreaz Andhreaz – 09/03/2012