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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Sharon Noyes

Personal Description:


We recently lost sharon to Ovarian Cancer. She was a loving mother and grandmother. She put up a stong and brave fight with her cancer and never once complained about anything. She will be loved always and deeply missed by everyone who knew her.

Last updated on: 05/23/2008


LOL, so much for Doug’s modesty strap on his new finginds of his new heritage Wow, this is like 60 Minutes, TMZ and Extra all-in-one publication! It was so great meeting all of you at the festival! BTW, have you used any of that bar-be-que sauce I gave you guys? I also gave some to Doug and Garth, Farmer John and Jason and Tony at the Black Cat. Looking forward to any feedback on it and your uses with it!Fondly yours,Ed and Heidi ;D

Mariana Mariana – 07/28/2012

David, Sharon, The reason I write is 2 fold: Firstly a frenid passed on David’s blog after the end of May Thames Turbo Triathlon to encourage me to sign up for the one at the end of Aug It worked & I am in! It looked like the conditions were terrrible on that day but David, you did brilliantly to finish in around 1hr 20secs & your run times are superb (unfortunately my weakest discipline of the 3). How’s your training going for the one in Aug? Secondly I did my first BPTT last weekend in training for the Hampton Pool triathlon on Aug 27th & realised I finished 2 people ahead of you Sharon well done on your new PB. What a great event & so well organised too.Good luck for Aug 27th if you are both taking part.Matthew

Betty Betty – 09/03/2012