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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Shelly Courington

Personal Description:



More than one person has referred to Shelly as an angel. Whether you thought of her as a mother, daughter, partner, sister, teacher, friend or – yes – even an angel, Shelly has personally touched thousands of lives around her. She had an amazing ability to bring positive energy and smiles to everyone she encountered.

Shelly was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in February 2008. After two surgeries and three types of chemotherapy, Shelly passed away on Saturday, April 25th. However, her spirit and energy will live on in our memories and in the way we live our lives. Her friends and family are dedicated to carrying on Shelly’s wish to help research and educational efforts that will someday prevent anyone from suffering through the pain of ovarian cancer.


Personal Description:


Shelly had a unique ability to tap into the joy of living and spread that joy to others. She was one of those rare people who’s stunning outer beauty was still outmatched by her inner beauty. She always thought of others first, and would help everyone without hesitation. Her smile, laughter, and lighthearted attitude reminded us to focus on the truly important things in life: love, joy, sharing and just remembering that life is supposed to be fun.


Last updated on: 04/28/2009


Shelly was all that and so much more….

Marguerite Leonhardt – 04/28/2009

When I heard of Shelley’s passing I asked God, why do you have to take the good ones. She was one of the BEST!!

Many Blessings to the Beautiful Corrington Family. xoxoxoxo

Nan Davis – 04/28/2009

An angel for sure!

Craig and Jill Brown – 04/29/2009

Shelley Had such a caring personality. The minute you met her You knew she was special. Everyone that knew her will surely miss her spunk!

Linda Smith – 04/29/2009

That is the perfect description of Shelly…What a sweetheart she was.

Pam Pierce – 04/29/2009

Shelley will be missed!

Life will always be La vie en rose

Linda Shinkel – 04/29/2009

I met Shelley once and spoke to her again one other time. I will always remember her beautiful smile and bright eyes and the way she welcomed me with such warmth and grace. I got the feeling that she really understood the humam spirit. Even though she will be missed, her beauty will live on in the hearts of those who have been blessed with her warm, caring ways.

Kim Skipper – 04/30/2009

Shelley was always so nonjudgmental, loving and positive. She made such an amazingly positive impact on my and my families lives, we miss her already. We love you Shelley and know that your heart lives on in your beautiful family!

Sherry Comes and Family

Sherry Comes – 05/01/2009

I will always remember Shelly as the positive light she was and shared with everyone around her. She was always so positive, and touched so many. I’ve never known such a beautiful and amazing spirit.

Kristi Lamont – 05/04/2009

As a past neighbor of Shelly’s, I remember her 1st and foremost as a Mother! To know Shelly was to know how devoted she was to her children. I have always been in awe of Shelly’s spirit and how passionate she was about life and all she was committed to! Shelly was someone who you would find yourself saying, “I want to be more like her.” She was a role model in every way and she has forever left an imprint on my life. As I move forward, I will be mindful to be a little bit more like Shelly each and every day!!!

She was a “Force of Fabulous” for sure. ?

Ellen Lynch – 05/05/2009

As I set here in disbelief that someone as kind and gentle, A great sole an awesome Wife and Mother…to give of her self to others has been TAKEN!In my heart I feel that GOD needed her help…beside him in Hevan! And the good that comes from such a tragedy will benefit many others..and we’ll smile knowing that Shelly, again had somthing to do with it.I’ve known Shelly cense she was aa baby and I know she will be greatly missed…Also there are great memories that will go on thought out our life time.

Gary Wright – 05/06/2009

Shelly is a reminder of how truly warm and good a person can be. I had not seen her or Steve in years, and I was so happy that they came out to my wedding. I was even more touched by the joy she so generously showed for my happiness. We are all better for having known her.

Howard Shapiro – 05/07/2009

I knew Shelly in high school back in Nebraska. I can’t say we were close friends, but we knew of each other. She always had a kind word to say and a smile on her face. I am very saddened to learn of her passing. I know she will be missed by many.

Lisa Durant – 05/14/2009

I knew my mom my whole life (NO DUH!) but she was awesome! it is cool to know how many lifes she effected in a good way!!! love her so much!!! thanks everbody

Rachel Courington – 09/08/2009

Looking forward to the upcoming Shells Bells Run! We sure miss Shelly, she was one of a kind.

Richard Magill – 09/17/2009

I cannot believe that Shelly is gone. As I read all of the wonderful comments about her, I was nodding my head in agreement. Shelly watched my oldest son Weston when I went back to work part time, almost 10 years ago. I had the joy of getting to know her and Joe (who I watched a couple of afternoons a week) very well for that year. I totally agree with the friend who said that Shelly was such a good role model. She made me want to be a better mother, like her. There aren’t words to describe how saddened I am, or how lucky my family has been for knowing her.

Susan Ley – 12/29/2009