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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Sheryl Lapka

Personal Description:


On November 25, 2010 the world lost a beautiful, smart, and graceful woman. Sheryl was a classy fighter full of hope who fought a courageous battle against ovarian cancer for six years.

Personal Description:

Sheryl was a loving wife, mother, sister,and daughter. Her calming soul lived each day to the fullest. She cherished those around her and cared so deeply for them. Sheryl had a remarkable wit and her laugh was contagious. Her eloquent words of wisdom shall still be heard each day, as her spirit thrives within the hearts of all of us. She was a true inspiration and her legacy shall live on.

Last updated on: 12/05/2010


This woman was special from the day I first met her. I will miss her spirit and professionalism.

Neal Strom – 12/09/2010

– 01/06/2011

Great cmmoon sense here. Wish I’d thought of that.

Ruvell Ruvell – 12/20/2011

Sheryl has and will be forever….an inspiration to me personally no matter the distance apart! See you soon love, Rick James

Rick James – 04/19/2012

I worked with Cheryl at Inphoto and was thinking about her tonight, I can’t believe she is gone. She was so young!

I knew her as a teenager (I was one myself) who worked with me in the video dept at InPhoto. She always struck me as having depth and wit even as a quiet beautiful teenager. I’m so sad she’s gone. My sister Noel who worked there at the same time died in 2001 at 34 years of age. Life is short and precious.

Jacqui McCalister – 07/08/2012