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Sue Borders

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Dedicated to a beautiful mother, loving wife, and caring grandmother: Sue Borders was all that a family could ask for. She was loved by all her family and friends. Sue Borders will be deeply missed by all.

Last updated on: 05/20/2011


I’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it etxrmeley easy for me!

Bear Bear – 12/20/2011

Congrats to the winner! Love your Friday picks. Oh, and how’s your liltte side project coming along? Perhaps spending a liltte time on that will help you get out of the slump? After all it sounds like a lot of fun!

Jojo Jojo – 03/29/2012

Kristin, no need to approve of this commnet- but you missed year in this last sentence: Anyone can go—so next sure be sure to visit OCRF’s website and buy a ticket. We hope to see you there! and also, the link for the be good to your mother (Earth) natural cotton totes and 24.7 lip sheer sets only showed the lip sheers on the value sets page- I was wondering if it’s for sale anywhere anymore? (the whole set)

Mert Mert – 07/28/2012