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SueAnne Polaski

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I watched my aunt struggle for about 2 years with ovarian cancer. I want people to be more aware of this cancer and lets fight back. I miss you everyday!!! Always there as an aunt but more as a best friend! I love you!

Last updated on: 09/28/2008


This was so helpful and easy! Do you have any artciles on rehab?

Jalia Jalia – 12/20/2011

Hi, Yes I have been there. I was 23 when I had a total hysterectomy last year. At the time I took it in my srdite (in between times when I did fall apart) and I thought I would be fine. Then the hair loss really took it’s toll on me it was part of me, it defined my apperance and suddenly I looked so different. The main thing that hit me is the fact I can’t have a baby. I’m struggling even now to come to terms with that but it will get easier I promise you.If your feeling down arrange to go for lunch with a friend or buy a new top, it will cheer you up. If you feel down talk to your friends and family, if they know how your feeling they can support you. You will be feeling very tired and weak from the chemo so don’t expect to feel great immediately. When the chemo ends you will be able to pick yourself up and start again, for now stay positive and try and do one thing everyday no matter how small.If you want to chat please email me xxxxx Was this answer helpful?

Younsha Younsha – 07/27/2012