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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Susan Moller

Personal Description:


To my Grandma Suzy,
I miss you and think of you every day.

Personal Description:

Susan lost the battle with ovarian cancer in August of 2006 at the age of 76. She came from Cuba to NY with her sisters many years ago to have a better life. She met and married her husband Nick, who later died of a heart attack in 1988. Susan was a wonderful mother of her two daughters Sonya and Lyora, proud grandmother of Rachel, Nicole, Ali, and Craig, and loved her two son-in-laws Jeff and Paul very much. She was also very close with her sisters and her nieces and nephews who she adored. Susan is remembered by her devotion, dedication, and the unconditional love she had for all of us. Grandma, the one thing i will never forget is your laugh and how you always kept tissues in the side of your shirt to wipe your eyes when you laughed too hard. Its the little things like that that made being around you so special!

Last updated on: 02/05/2009


i love you and miss you very much grandma<3

Nicole – 02/05/2009

I smile when I think of my Aunt Suzy because I can hear her laughter in my head. My fond memories keep her with me all the time.

Lyndy – 02/05/2009

There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you. I miss everything about you and always will. You were truly the best mom anyone could ever have. I love you.

Sonya – 02/06/2009

mom . you are the love of my life. the 40 years with you are re-lived every minute of my life. i adore you mom.rachel thank you from my heart for this. i love you .

lyora moller wilk – 02/06/2009

This tribute brought tears to my eyes.Tia Susana is loved,very much remembered and missed

Luba Nachmani – 02/06/2009

I miss going to Florida and seeing Susana with her endless caring and feeding. I loved the way she always made us laugh. Our life is not the same without tia Susana. Susy will always be with me.

Fani Nilsen – 02/07/2009

Happy Birthday..I miss you

Rachel – 04/24/2009

Happy Birthday..I miss you

Rachel – 04/24/2009

Happy Birthday Mom…Missing you every day

Sonya – 04/25/2009

mommy. the love of my life, what an amazing mother you were to me. i am who i am because of you. not a day goes by without you on my mind or me talking to you . u r always with me. in my heart .in my soul.
i love you…….forever and a day……

lyora moller – 05/16/2010

God Bless you, you’ve made an incredibly special daughter

Russ – 09/21/2010

mom….i miss you so much. not a day goes by w/o wanting to talk to you ….. not a day….

lyora moller-wilk – 09/26/2010

I hugged you for the last time in July of 2006. Going to florida tomorrow and thinking of you. Missing you lots.

Rachel – 03/23/2011

mommy ……..august is coming up. This means 5 years ago i was forced to say goodbye. i am having a hard time. every day. i am hopeful god had bigger plans for you than what you had down here. but down here……..Alexandra and i desperately miss you…….. love you always…lyora

lyora moller – 05/24/2011

Home run! Great slugging with that anwser!

Alex Alex – 07/14/2011

hi mommy…….well, I turned 45 and i am on a very strong spiritual path. ive been really taking care of myself and spending alot of time with myself. something you always felt i needed. i like it. ive been learning alot about myself. i like what i am unfolding and experiencing….. life is good these days… im happy.Alexandra is doing fine. we miss you mom constantly. every day. all of the time…….lyora

lyora moller – 08/11/2011

mom……… tough times…….. really tough.
im doing the best i can to live this life with what god has given me to be responsible for.
without what you instilled in me i simply couldn’t make it . i know you are up there doing what you do best ..
love and miss you daily

lyora moller – 01/11/2012

mom….. not doing so good these days at all…. its getting tougher on me by the minute with this child…… i know you see it …. im sure you’ve tried to do your best for me up there but god has this mission to teach me something i obviously have to dig very deep to see….. so far im blind…miss and love you always…lyora

lyora moller – 01/21/2012

mom …missing you deeply every day….

lyora moller – 02/04/2012

hi mom… love and miss you every minute of every single day ……

lyora moller – 03/23/2012

happy birthday mom!!! xoxoxo

lyora moller – 04/24/2012

happy mothers day mommy ….. i love you xoxoxoox lyora

lyora moller – 05/12/2012

mom . 6 years ago , today you’re gone….i miss you very deeply and i love you always xoxoxo lyora

lyora moller – 08/06/2012

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