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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Susan Walch Scott

Personal Description:


…to all women who have gone before us and all who are battling OC. Special tribute to Bonnie Lemke for strength and valiant battle, her loving dedication to her family and contribution to research and experimental treatments the last 5 yrs. She has been a great source of hope for me.
Love Teri50

Personal Description:

I was dx with stage IIIC OC in Dec 2000 at age 48. With standard treatment of Taxol and Carboplatin I have gratefully and humbly survived almost 9 yrs now with no evidence of disease. There are after effects of chemo and living with the fear of recurrence never goes completely away. I had symptoms, profound symptoms and believe sometime we ignore them. God bless the medical professionals who dedicate their careers to treatment and care for those of us who get this disease.

Susan Walch Scott

Last updated on: 01/21/2011


Thanks, Susan, for sharing your story. I had surgery and was dx with IIIc in October 2010 and have now completed my chemo. It is wonderful to hear success stories like yours.

Melinda Cunningham – 03/04/2011

This was also inspiring for me. I am 63
and was dx in March 2010. God Bless you!

Kay Allen – 03/19/2011

I am a stage4 I am happy to hear from long time survivors,,I know stage4 is different however I am still hoping for a cure ,,, is anyone with mets to the lung that have a long term remission thank you.

miney – 10/03/2011

I’m not easily imrpesesd. . . but that’s impressing me! :)

Mattie Mattie – 01/24/2012