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Susan Wheeler

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We love you and miss you Mom!

Personal Description:

After two months of being diagnosed, suddenly she was gone. She was the most positive person you could ever meet. She had the most beautiful smile. And she could make you feel great even on the bad days. She was the most wonderful mother of four kids. She was a very ambitious person who loved learning. She was one semester away from graduating to become a Secondary Education English Teacher. She didn’t let the cancer get her down, she was determined to fight.
January 29th, 1965–August 31st, 2009

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Sharp thinikng! Thanks for the answer.

Nona Nona – 12/20/2011

Congrats, Erika! How exciting! If you’ve got spare time while you’re here in NYC, drop me an email. Would love to catch up with you again. :) No roewirs if its a quick trip, though, I understand.

Grzegorz Grzegorz – 03/29/2012

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