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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Terri Van Buskirk

Personal Description:


This tribute is dedicated to our beautiful daughter, Terri, who passed away April 7, 2010, at the age of 33. She will forever be in our hearts.

Personal Description:

Terri was diagnosed with Stage IIIC ovarian cancer in February 2004, at the age of 26. Terri was a high school choir teacher who taught with joy and dedication through one treatment after another as she fought this horrible disease. Her bright smile and courageous spirit were like magnets to her students and her program thrived even though she struggled daily with pain, nausea and all the discomforts that accompany this disease and its treatments.

Terri loved teaching and being in school helped her cope with her illness. Terri directed her last concert on December 20, 2009. Teaching in the classroom ended on December 23 for Terri, but she continued to teach all of us: family, friends, and students, how to live in the moment and love with an open and grateful heart until the day she died. We rejoice that her suffering has finally ended as she is in the presence of her Lord but we grieve that our lives are not as bright and colorful as they were when she was here. Her final text message to one of her students was: “Miss u all; B good; make me proud.” We miss you too, Terri, and will try to live lives that will make you proud of us.

Last updated on: 06/02/2010


Bev & Gene … a beautiful tribute to a beautiful daughter. We love ya

Mary Lou Hosler – 06/02/2010

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kadaaudibiz kadaaudibiz – 04/21/2011

I’m so glad that the itnreent allows free info like this!

Mattingly Mattingly – 12/20/2011

Articles like these put the cuonsmer in the driver seat-very important.

Mickey Mickey – 01/24/2012

Thanks for a wonderful fvetisal experience my first and definately not the last one that I will attend. Robert Drewe, Tony & Maureen Wheeler and Miles Merrill were excellent and it was great listening to such diverse writers.Was it an oversight that Terri-Anne White was not included on the fvetisal programme? We searched in vain for information about her.Is it possible to have a nominated MC for the day’s proceedings in future? We felt that a very professional presentation was spoilt by the constant shouting of housekeeping matters’ which could have been done more subtly via an MC.

Carmen Carmen – 03/29/2012