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Terry Brodbeck

Personal Description:


Terry Brodbeck, sister, daughter, mother, grandmother and friend, passed away the morning of Nov. 21, 2007.

Personal Description:

Terry’s passing is an extraordinary loss for all of us who knew and loved her. She touched so many in a way that few people are able to.

There wasn’t anything that Terry couldn’t do to perfection. She never professed to be an amazing singer or dancer or seamstress or athlete or photographer or friend or daughter or mother. She was all of those things.

Terry was always ready to entertain. Whether it was a party planned in advance or just friends spontaneously showing up, she made everyone feel welcome and loved. Terry wasn’t only beautiful and talented, she was hilariously funny until the end. She made us laugh and feel good inside.

It seems too cliche to say that Terry fought a long, hard battle with cancer, because Terry did everything in her own original way. Less than six months before her diagnosis of ovarian cancer, she ran her first and only marathon in Dublin, Ireland. She would go on to use that same kind of strength and commitment to fight for her life. Ultimately she won almost seven more years, during which time she decided to switch careers and become an esthetician, attending school while undergoing chemotherapy. She also became a grandmother (twice), changed residences (always decorating her home with her usual flair), danced, partied and laughed. She was always ready to get up and go, even as her strength waned. Her determination and conviction never faltered. She gave to everyone until the end. We will miss her terribly.

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Terri was truly an amazing person, I met her in esthetician school and was blessed by her friendship. She was even there to when my son came into the world. I will really miss her.

Sara Heath – 06/25/2008

Many many quality ptions there.

Brandilyn Brandilyn – 07/14/2011

Hey, you’re the goto expert. Thanks for hnaging out here.

Kerstin Kerstin – 09/02/2012