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Therese Bradley

Personal Description:

Personal Description:

My wonderful sister Therese lost her battle in September of 2005, at just 44 years old. She left behind 2 beautiful children and memories of unconditional love, generosity and kindness. I love her and miss her.

Last updated on: 12/31/2008


Good point. I hadn’t tohguht about it quite that way. :)

Destry Destry – 06/02/2011

Great stuff, you hleped me out so much!

Kenisha Kenisha – 07/14/2011

Boy that relaly helps me the heck out.

Cady Cady – 07/14/2011

Adam and Michelle: I finally found the link that Adam had left bfroee you guys went away. So, Adam, ignore the email asking for a link. I just read all your posts and hope that you will be able to keep them up once you’re all on the continent. I am really happy for your family to have this opportunity to take the time to be one together. I’ve finally made a follow up post to my exercise blog and will be doing another one later, if I can. I seem to mess up my plans to exercise when I think I’m doing them for someone else. Every time I make a promise to someone, it seems that I drop it or find a reason to do something else. I miss Adam’s thoughtful responses to such situations. Love and prayers to you and your family, Vinnie.

Malic Malic – 09/03/2012