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Titasiri Schiltz

Personal Description:


Titasiri is being laid to rest at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego, California, after a courageous yearlong battle with ovarian cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates that 21,880 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the U.S. in 2010 and about 13,850 women will die from the disease.

Personal Description:

Titasiri, beloved wife, mother and grandmother, leaves behind a loving husband, three children and eight grandchildren. She passed away early in the morning with her husband and youngest daughter at her side.

Last updated on: 09/29/2010


Thanks for the great info dog I owe you biggtiy.

Queenie Queenie – 01/24/2012

I wanna punch these newscasters in the face. A sick man not bveieling he is sick isn’t heroic. Someone who can face their fears and their setbacks without letting it change them is heroic. He’s just in denial.

Kai Kai – 07/27/2012