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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Vicki Marion

Personal Description:


Vicki J. Marion
January 5, 1951- May 14, 2009

You cared so much,
Through out your entire life.
When we look back we will
Remember your loving smile,
At times your wacky personality.
Through the years you have played
So many roles to the ones you loved.
A daughter, sister, mother, aunt, grandmother,
Caregiver and friend.
Always willing to go above and beyond,
Never expecting anything in return.
Such a strong, honest individual
Who was loved by so many.
Can’t even begin to fathom how much
You will be missed, by all
You have touch with your selfless devotion.
There will forever be pieces
Of you inside us all, for you made
Such a difference in our lives.
You truly made this world a better place.
If only we had a little more time
To say “Thank You”.
For showing us that there is
Always room within our hearts,
To care for someone in need.
We will forever cherish your memory,
Until the day we meet again.

By: Sarah Smith

Personal Description:

Vicki was diagnosed at the end of March 2009, began chemo but developed complications and lost her battle on 05/14/2009. The dedication is a poem written by our niece, Sarah and really describes Vicki – always putting the needs of others before her own. The only symptoms she had were what she thought were gastrointestinal symptoms and fatigue, which she attributed to longer hours at work. She was taken from us much too soon, there was so much more we wanted to share with her. She was greatly loved and will be sorely missed.

Last updated on: 08/10/2009


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Nelly Nelly – 06/02/2011

I\’d venture that this arictle has saved me more time than any other.

Eagle Eagle – 12/21/2011