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Survivor Stories / Tributes

Vicki Oakley

Personal Description:


Victoria ‘Vicki’ Oakley…January 15, 1970 – February 13, 2010

Vicki was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in July 2008. Her symptoms first surfaced in May with what her doctors said was a ‘bladder’ infection. After 2 rounds of antibiotics and no relief, an ultra sound was performed and the horrible diagnosis delivered. When someone hears the words ‘you have cancer’ there are so many different paths that person can take. For Vic there was only one…FIGHT! She was going to beat it and not let cancer control her life. During her 18 month fight Vicki never gave up hope. She remained physically and emotionally strong, determined and convinced she was going to ‘kick cancers ass’. Vic remained positive even after scans and marker readings showed that the cancer was spreading. Vic’s strength and determination have inspired all those she touched to live life to the fullest. Vic will forever live in our hearts.

Personal Description:

This is my beloved and this is my friend… Vic was born in Droitwich, England and came to the U.S. in 1995 to teach and coach girls lacrosse at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Although she lived in the states for the last 15 years, Vic remained a true British girl at heart. Vic loved watching Cori, Walkers Roast Chicken crisps, Bounty Bars, Ginger Biscuits, at least 2 cups of tea a day (PG Tips only), HP sauce and the Villa! Vic loved being a teacher and coach and lead the Gazelles to 7 State Championships. Vic loved the outdoors, camping (Yosemite and Algonguin Provincial Park, Canada were her favorites), playing tennis, walking our dogs Maggie and Sam, and her Honda Element, aka…the ‘silver bullet’or ‘the toaster’. Vic was a lover of life and never without a smile. Her British wit and contagious laugh warmed the hearts of all those around her. Vic lived a full life in her 40 years and never let cancer define her or stop her from living life on her terms. She will be missed by all and forever live on in our hearts. Vic, you are my love and my inspiration. I think of you every minute of the day and miss you so much. Mags and Sam miss you too! I love you xoxo.

Last updated on: 03/10/2010


I played lacrosse with Vicki for Wales and she was a great girl – full of energy and life. Devasted to hear of her passing which I only discovered when another Welsh friend and I were reminising and w ndered where Vivki was now as we had lost touch. We said goodbye to another lacrosse friend Vivien Jones on Tuesday. They are both sorely missed. I will make a donation when my husband comes home and I can use his American credit card! Much love Vicki. Nicky John

Nicola John – 01/13/2011

I went to Dodderhill with Vicki and have been trying on and off for years to find her. I couldn’t believe it when i found her photo on the internet. Felt so excited then so shocked to hear of her death. We were best friends for years. I remember going on a rowing boat on the Norfolk Broads with her. We convinced ourselves we were going to be washed
out to sea! We were real tomboys. We used to play armies and roll about in mud and try and creep past my parents covered from top to tail in it. I used to look after her first Hamster Henry when she went on holiday to France. Crikey, she loves that hamster. We used to laugh so much we literally used to wet ourselves!! I came across this on another search for you. I feel so sad that I never manages to find her before she tragically passed away. Laura is spoken off alot in another site that I have found, so was obviously someone very important to Vicki. If anyone would like to share any memories of Vicki my e mail is sophietoor@hotmail.co.uk

Sophie Toor (was Bacon) – 04/16/2011

At last, soomene comes up with the “right” answer!

Jennah Jennah – 06/02/2011

I love reading these articles because they?re short but infomrtaive.

Louisa Louisa – 07/14/2011

You WILL and I WILL too! We are rock star goddessed Kim! Hotties who are 40 (or close to it). I aatlcluy have found that I LOVE being in training!!! I am looking forward to this challenge and I can’t wait to kick it’s ass (i.e. finish the damn race) Love ya!

Triwulan Triwulan – 09/03/2012