How much money do I have to raise?

Each participant must raise a minimum charitable contribution as established by OCRF’s Ovarian Cycle and the organizers of the event. Minimum amounts vary by city, so consult the dedicated page of the city you are interested in to find out the minimum fundraising requirement. Fundraising minimums must be met prior to the event. Contributions can be raised from friends and family and all contributions are tax deductible as provided by the I.R.S.

How far/long/intense is the ride?

The Ride to Change the Future™ is 100 virtual miles, and is completed in 6 hours. A break is scheduled for every hour. Riders can go at their own pace, or can share the distance with team members. Instructors are on hand to motivate all riders, and make sure the event is fun and exciting. After 6 weeks of training, it’ll be a cruise through the “finish line!”

Ready. Set. Ride!™ is structured to be completed in 3 hours or less. Just like with the Ride to Change the Future™, there will be a break schedule for every hour. This ride is less intense than the Ride to Change the Future™, but equally rewarding to complete.

How do I train for the event?

Whether participants are riding for 1 hour or 6 hours, TourDeFit.com has partnered with OCRF’s Ovarian Cycle to design a free training manual with guidelines and tips to help them get in shape for the event.

How does the Ride to Change the Future™ training program work?

Ride to Change the Future™ participants may train for the number of weeks provided in the training program, and then ride hard for one day. Throughout the week, riders are encouraged to attend cycling classes at their assigned gym. Each weekend during training, participating clubs will hold endurance rides. These rides build in length throughout the training period, helping riders gain the strength they need for the final ride.

Do I have to be a member of one of the participating clubs in order to train there?

It depends on the event. Unless otherwise noted, most clubs allow non-members to train for free during the 6-week training program. Please check the club schedules on the Training Schedule link of your event’s dedicated page to find out what training options are available for non-members.

My schedule is crazy–do I have to do the training?

If riding an indoor bike for 3-6 hours is feasible without the training program, riders are welcome to opt out of training and join us for the final ride.

If I register but am unable to ride, is my registration fee refundable?

Registration fees are not refundable, and they are not tax-deductible by law.