2007 Individual Investigator Grant Recipient – Mitchell Ho

Mitchell Ho, PhD
National Cancer Institute
A New Treatment That Aims To Stop Metastasis

Project Summary

Mesothelin is a protein that is highly prevalent in approximately 70 percent of ovarian cancers, making mesothelin a new target for anticancer agents. In ovarian cancer, mesothelin with other molecules is believed to help spread the disease to the peritoneum, the lining of the abdominal wall. In his research, Dr. Ho aims to generate a panel of human monoclonal antibodies that will effectively neutralize mesothelin to prevent or treat tumor growth and metastasis in ovarian cancer. He also plans to use the antibodies to get a better understanding of how mesothelin leads to ovarian cancer metastasis. Dr. Ho aims to use novel methods to make these antibodies to overcome some technical difficulties that currently exist in making these kinds of molecules in the laboratory.