2005 Liz Tilberis Grant and 2003 Ann Schreiber Grant Recipient – Jeremy Chien

Jeremy Chien, PhD
Mayo Clinic
How Cell Shape Changes Lead to Metastasis in Ovarian Cancer

Project Summary

Metastasis in ovarian cancer is the main obstacle for the successful treatment of patients with ovarian cancer and the main cause of their death. Emerging evidence suggests that a disruption in the structure of the epithelial cells of the ovary leads to cancer cell metastatis. In his study, Dr. Chien will study the molecular steps involved in changing the physical structure of ovarian cancer cells. The results from this study could provide insights into biological processes underlying metastatic tumor progression, and could lead to the identification of those tumors with particularly metastatic and aggressive behavior.


Dr. Jeremy Chien is an Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.